Things to do

Things to do

1. Climbing Pac Sui waterfall

Located in Yen Than commune, Pac Sui waterfall has been the most popular tourism attraction in Tien Yen district. Currently, visitors can reach the waterfall by walking on the 2 stone-step roads, one on the left and the other on the right of the waterfall, with a length of over 300m and a width of 1.5m on each side. There are also three-24 meter dome-shaped bridges which are painted in vermilion. Tourists could takes nice photos while standing on the bridges, and admiring the waterfall. Divided into 12 levels, Pac Sui waterfall is an ideal spot for those who love adventure travel. Each level has a different beauty. The 12th level is considered to be the most beautiful one with a large pool of water, and many natural flat stones. On the tenth level of the waterfall, there is a statue of a rooster, which creates a highlight of the landscape and reminds tourists of the legend of the King of Rooster.

There are hundreds of visitors coming to the Pac Sui waterfall on summer, especially at weekends to enjoy the cozy atmosphere here. Visiting Pac Sui waterfall, visitors will have a chance to enjoy Tien Yen grilled chicken, then buy some bamboo shoots or forest honey bottles as gifts for their relatives.



2. Walking in Tien Yen Walking street

Walking street is the most beautiful street in Tien Yen (including two blocks of Ly Thuong Kiet and Hoa Binh streets in Tien Yen town). Tien Yen old town has attracted more tourists thanks to not only its ancient beauty of streets but also the exciting walking street at weekend nights. Operated in Aug 2017 on every Saturday under the theme “ Tien Yen street’s old features”, since then the old street has become an attractive place for locals and tourists inside and outside the province. They can immerse themselves in exciting street music dances and interesting folk games including stilt walking, bamboo dancing, skipping, pot breaking etc. Furthermore, wearing Northeastern ethnic costumes is also an unforgettable experience for visitors. On average, the walking street welcomes over 6,000 tourist arrivals every night. Tien Yen old town has become a peaceful stopover for visitors to experience a nostalgic space.