Tien Cong temple festival 2023, which officially opened on January 27 (or the 6th day of the first lunar month), highlighted the local culture and enriched the people’s spiritual life. 

Thousands of people headed to the festival.
Ceremoniously taking the elders to the temple is an act of gratitude to those settlers.
In the early morning households with people aged above 80 organize a ritual with the entire family present.
Leading the group is a lion dance team with its beautiful acrobatics.

The participants in the ritual are mostly descendants of the family line. Children in the family wear the ao dai, the traditional Vietnamese tunic, at the temple. The ritual requires items like betel nuts, rice cakes, a pig’s head…
Le Van Quyet, 80, of Cam La commune, is offering incense at the temple.
Two 80-year-old women accompanied by their decendants are conducting the ceremony inside the temple.
The elders conduct the ceremony inside the temple.
Apart from conventional rituals, the festival also comprises traditional games namely buffalo fighting, cock fighting, human chess, swinging, folk song performance, etc. Tien Cong temple festival welcomes thousands of locals and visitors each year.

Source: Quang Ninh Online

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