When the temperature falls below 0 degree Celsius, the tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy white frost at Dong Pagoda, the peak of Yen Tu Mountain.

The particularly interesting natural phenomenon will appear when the degree below 0

Dong Pagoda is a sacred and famous symbol of Yen Tu Mountain, which is the highest peak of 1068 m above sea level. The ice will come out from the morning to midnight and cover tree branches and fences. This is the first time the phenomenon has occured this winter in Yen Tu Mountain.

The ice cover tree branches and fences from morning to midnight

The National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting reported that the cold spell will last until 25th January, with the lowest temperature in the Northern being 7-10 degrees Celius and sub-zero in high mountains. The travelers should wear warm clothes if want to see white frost with their own eyes.

The pagoda was recognised as “a bronze pagoda on the highest mountain in Asia” by the Asian Record Organisation

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