British sailor, Josh Stickland, has been named as the Clipper Race Skipper for the Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam team set to compete in the upcoming 2023-24 edition.

Josh Stickland at the helm of his Clipper Race yacht.

Along with a Ha Long Bay team representing the Vietnamese destination, the Clipper Race fleet will also visit the UNESCO Heritage site during its circumnavigation, the first time the global sailing event has sailed to the Quang Ninh Province.

Josh is an experienced sailor with over 150,000 nautical miles under his belt and will be returning as Ha Long Bay’s Race Skipper for a second Clipper Race edition. He started sailing at the age of ten and has worked all over the globe on yachts and superyachts up to 110m, but the pull of the Clipper Race was too much to resist for the former Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam skipper, who previously led his team to an incredible six podium places and third place in the overall Clipper Race.

Ha Long Bay team finishing the Clipper 2019-20 Race in third place

The global yacht race sees adventurers from all walks of life take on the exceptional challenge of racing across the world’s oceans on board a 70ft yacht. Many Race Crew have no prior sailing experience before undertaking the intensive compulsory four stage training programme, and go on to tackle some of the most challenging conditions that Mother Nature can serve up.

Becoming a Clipper Race Skipper is one of the highest accolades in professional sailing, and certainly one of the toughest jobs, as Race Skippers not only need the expertise to race across an ocean safely, but must possess the right combination of mentorship, coaching and people management skills to create a team of ocean racers from a group of diverse novice sailors.

“It is a great honor and privilege to be chosen again as the Clipper Race Skipper for Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam, and I am looking forward to representing them for a second time.

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam is renowned for its natural beauty and incredible rock formations, and it will be such an amazing experience to sail into our home Port. The area is known for its welcoming culture and amazing food, and I cannot wait to experience it with the crew when we race there next year.”

Ha Long Bay is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, approximately 165km from Hanoi, and covers a total area of 1,553 km2. The UNESCO World Heritage Site covers an area of 434 km2, comprising 775 islands, of which 411 have been named. It is home to many rocky islands, caves and is famous for its beautiful beaches. With exceptional landscape, geology and cultural history the area is also known for gastronomic delights, with its local market and street food a must try when visiting.

Mr Pham Ngoc Thuy – Director of Quang Ninh Tourism Department – Quang Ninh Province speaks of this partnership and says: “This is the second time that Quang Ninh province (Vietnam) is participating in the Clipper Race as a Team Partner. Through the 2019-20 edition, we highly recognised and appreciated the professionalism (of the event) as well as the effective promotion of our destination.

“With a unique yacht design, the stories of the crew on their racing journey, and under the talented leadership of Skipper Josh Stickland, we are looking forward to great achievements throughout this race and we will be delighted to be continuously led by Josh. 

“We hope that each sailor will be a tourism ambassador for Quang Ninh province (Vietnam), conveying the message to family and friends across five continents about a safe, friendly and hospitable Quang Ninh, Vietnam, with its beautiful natural landscapes and unique traditional culture”

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam during the Clipper 2019-20 Race

Having faced the freezing temperatures and the remoteness of the North Pacific and wind gusts of over 80 knots in the South Atlantic, Josh has amassed a huge amount of ocean racing experience, and is looking to build on his strong coaching and team development skills demonstrated in the Clipper 2019-20 Race, to deliver a competitive campaign for the upcoming edition.

Josh continues “I am hoping to bring my previous Clipper Race experience to the team, and guide them to a successful race. I can bring a good sense of humor, and create a relaxed and cohesive team. Whilst podiums are great, consistency and enjoying the moment is key to a successful race”.

The Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam Clipper Race yacht was the first of the fleet to be branded for the upcoming race which has been a proud moment for Quang Ninh Province and their supporting partners, VIN Group and Sun Group.

Josh and team winning 1st place on Race 5, Fremantle to Whitsundays during the 2019-20 edition

You can follow Josh and the team during the race at

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