Things to do

Things to do


1. Mo waterfall

Thac Mo (Mo waterfall) is located in Dong Mai ward, originating from the mountain range from Yen Tu to Yen Lap, about 2000 meters long. The stream flows indirectly Yen Lap pine forest and has three waterfalls: Mo waterfall is about 15 meters high, 5 meters high Doi waterfall is upper and 9 meters high Sen waterfall is on the top. Suoi Mo and pine forest along the stream are interesting places to visit and enjoy the natural scenery of forests, fresh streams, creating relaxation for visitors when bathing themselves in natural stream and fresh air.






2. Visiting Bach Dang historical relic center and Bach Dang Festival

Bach Dang River has become a legendary river, Bach Dang stakes have become a traditional symbol of the Vietnamese nation’s art of water fighting against foreign invaders. On the left bank of Bach Dang River (Quang Yen town), three large wooden stake yards have been discovered, including Yen Giang, Dong Van Muoi and Dong Ma Ngua. Dating back in the 13th century, they were remnants of the Battle of Bach Dang in 1288. Bach Dang River and its stake yards have become the historical landmarks associated with the national hero Tran Hung Dao (Tran Quoc Tuan). People of many generations in the land of Quang Yen honoured him as the village’s tutelary deity and built temples, communal houses and shrines worshiping him and his courtiers who had merits in that fierce battle, forming a complex of Bach Dang Victory historical sites.

Keeping pride of the tradition of predecessors, people of the land on Bach Dang River who contributed to that historical victory, the Bach Dang Traditional Festival – one of the major festivals in Quang Ninh is held annually from the seventh to the ninth day of the third lunar month. The festival space stretches from the center of Tran Hung Dao Temple – Vua Ba Shrine, Yen Giang Communal House and Bach Dang Stake Yard to Trung Ban Communal House and Trung Coc Temple … In particular, the procession of the statue of Saint Tran Hung Dao from his temple to Yen Giang Communal House and vice versa on the roads of Quang Yen town is a unique highlight of the festival, attracting crowds of locals and tourists. This is also a big festival with plentiful activities such as art performances, folk games such as tug of war, human chess, card game, cock fighting, and a traditional boat race on Bach Dang River.



3. Visiting two ironwood trees in Gieng Rung

Two old trees are also known as two “Forest Well” trees, next to the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Quang Yen town, No.18 Tran Hung Dao, Quang Yen ward, Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province. One of the two trees has a height of about 30m, with roof perimeter of 5,5m. The trunk is 6m high, with luxuriant foliage, extending up to 20m. The other tree is about 30m high, with a roof diameter of up to 7,2m, having luxuriant foliage, extending up to 25m. Legend has it that, the two ironwood trees of the old ironwood forest had provided ironwood piles for Bach Dang naval battles in the opening of an independent area of our country.