As San Chi people’s biggest festival, the three-day festival of Soong Co was held on April 15-17 at Huc Dong commune in Binh Lieu mountainous district. This annual festival aims to tighten the solidarity among the community as well as preserve and develop valuable cultural value of this ethnic minority group.

San Chi ethnic women wear traditional costumes to participate in the festival. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
The shaman performed the San Chi people’s ritual of praying for good luck. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
San Chi ethnic people together sang “Soong Co” songs at Thanh Thin dam. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
Locals joined the folk game of walking on stilts. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
They were also skillful at spinning. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
They looked happy after winning the game of catching ducks. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
An exciting football match (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
The festival attracted plenty of tourists and locals. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)
A foreign tourist found it exciting to take a photo with an indigenous women. (Photo: Quang Ninh Online)



Source: Quang Ninh Online

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