Things to do

Things to do

1. Visiting Orchid farm

This farm is in Dong Ho hamlet, Son Duong commune. This is a modern model, one of the largest orchid farms of the province with many types   luxury orchids (Phalaenopsis orchid, oncidium orchid, wild orchid, ..). In this farm, tourists can learn about the orchid planting procedures with modern technology, conducted from the stage of embryo transfer, growth, caring and product formation.



2. Discovering Dao Thanh Y (Bang Ca) Culture Preservation Area

It is located in Chin Gian Hamlet, Bang Ca commune, covering an area of more than 5ha. The preservation area was intended to become the community t, maintaining and introducing featured cultural values of the ethnic, raising the awareness of maintaining and preservation typical ethnic cultural identities of Dao Thanh Y ethnic.The structure consists of 3 models of traditional house of Dao ethnic.



3. Check-in Quang La Flower Parardise

It is also called Quang La Flower Paradise Ecological Resort, it is located in Hamlet 6, Quang La commune. It is becoming more popular with tourists with a relatively ideal position and charming mountains and sea landscapes.Visiting Quang La Flower Paradise, you will have a chance to enjoy an airy and natural space with fresh and peasant air, colorful flower gardens, tranquil fishing lake, and interesting picnic activities.