Quang Ninh will host 21 out of 41 sports  of the 9th National Sports Games which take place from 1st December to 21, 2022. These competitions will be held at some sports centers of Ha Long city, Cam Pha city, and Dong Trieu town.

To prepare for the Games, the province has sped up the preparation of facilities and equipment.

About 4,000 coaches, athletes and officials of 65 sports delegations from the country’s all the 63 provinces and cities and 800 referees as well as 200,000 guests will join the event, besides spectators and tourists.

The tourism area of Quang Ninh Gate where chess competitions are going to take place. There are a range of high-quality rooms for athletes to stay during the Games.

Pingpong competitions will be held at the staditum of Dong Trieu town located in the Dong Trieu Sports Complex.

The sports stadium can acommodate 2,500 seats. Its 1,334- square meter floor is devided into 4 standarded yards. The stadium is open to visitors free of charge.
Tuan Chau International Tourism Complex
Tuan Chau golf course will welcome hundreds of professional golfers competing among the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay.
The golf course has an area of about 143 hectares, which can accommodate 140-150 golfers competing at the same time.
High-standard stadiums that once served the 31st SEA Games will be the venue for volleyball, beach handball, etc.
Triathletes will compete at this spacious road and beautiful beach.
Quang Ninh is ready for the 9th National Sports Games.

Photo: Quang Ninh Online

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