“Halong Carnival” is the biggest annual festival in Halong which attracts a huge number of tourists each year. Tourists coming to Halong Bay will be dazzled by colorful and bustling atmosphere of carnival festival. Halong Carnival has become an excellent tourism product in Halong.

The festival is joined by thousands of actors (actresses), dancers, singers, musicians as well as students. Almost of them are the local residents of Halong Bay. Each year, Halong Carnival has a different theme which honors traditional & natural values of Halong Bay as well as the achievements of tourism in Halong. Joining the festival, tourists will have chance to dip in magical music background of a great musical party. The highlight of Halong Carnival is joyous street parades with variety of colorful costumes and dance on wide streets along the coast. Moreover, a laser, sound and water performance combining with a sparkling aerial firework show is an amazing party of light and color which tourists shouldn’t miss at the festival. This high-tech lighting show will give tourists an impressive image of sparkling Halong by night.

Beside the performance of local residents and professional artists, Halong Carnival also has enthusiastic participations of international artistic troupes from neighboring countries like Philippines, China, etc.

Halong Carnival is the heart of the series of events within the schedule of Halong Tourism Week. Halong Tourism Week is a tourism promotional celebration which has been held yearly for six years. It’s usually taken place in a week in late-April to early-May. The tourism week is featured with various cultural activities such as Halong Bay Photo Exhibition, Halong Cuisine Festival, and Classical Music Concert as well as diverse sport activities (including Open Tennis and Football Tournament, Beach Volleyball Tournament, Open Dance Sports Tournament).

Halong Carnival is a good occasion to make tourists closer to Halong’s cultural identities as well as natural beauty. Especially, on the occasion of the 6th celebration in 2012, Halong Bay was officially recognized as one of New 7 Wonders of Nature of the world by the New7Wonder Organization.

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