On 22nd and 23rd January, Quang Ninh Tourism Department will organize “Consultation conference to develop Quang Ninh tourism” connecting with the region and the world until 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Ha Long International Port

In recent time, Quang Ninh Tourism Department has linked with Institution Tourism Development Research (ITDR) to build Quang Ninh tourism development scheme with a vision to 2025. The conference was held to complete the contents of the Project that is suitable with  the development orientations of the nation, regional and Quang Ninh provinces. The scheme also receive comments from ministries, sectors, localities and experts, scientists and tourism enterprises to make in-depth assessments, propose solutions and organize implementation to ensure comprehensiveness, feasibility and effectiveness.

The conference will include many contents such as: Analysis to clarify the overall conditions for the destination; experience of a number of tourism centers around the world; determine specific conditions for a destination to become a tourism hub connecting regionally and internationally; Assessing the current status of Quang Ninh tourism on the basis of analyzing the current situation of conditions.

Co To island

Quang Ninh aims to welcome 18-20 million visitors by 2025, including at least 4.5-5 million international visitors, the direct contribution of tourism to the province’s GRDP is about 11-12% and Quang Ninh tourism will develop into a spearhead economic sector, sustainably, affirming its role as a tourism center connecting the region and the world.

Quang Ninh Tourism Information And Promotion Center

Chung nhan Tin Nhiem Mang